4 Free Webhosting Reviews

I have been on a free host for the longest time before I finally decided to pull the trigger and moved to a paid web hosting last year. Having experienced so many different free hosting provider, I have decided to write this real life review of the web hosts that I have tried so as …

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Lifestyle Money

7 Things You Can Do For Yourself Before Year Ends

Before spending money to buy gifts for Xmas exchange with your colleagues and friends, here are top 7 things you can do for yourself.   1. Redeem your Rewards Points Login to all your Telco, Credit Card, NTUC Linkpoints, Grab, Capitaland, Watson, Isetan, etc, accounts to redeem the points that you have accumulated over the …

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Insurance Money

4 Easy Steps to Plan for Retirement

Want to start planning for retirement? Don’t be intimated by how little or how much you can only save for your retirement. At least you have started. You will be surprised by the number of adults who have yet to plan for retirement until they have reached their 40s. Yes, by 40s, one should have …

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