Insurance Money

Short-Term High-Guaranteed Endowment Plan 2017

Etiqa save series China Life SaveReward 101 Series II (RMB) LIC Money More Plan LIC Money More Plan FWD Endowment Plan Duration: 6 years 5 years 6 years 3 years 3 years Premium Paying: 2 Years (Annual Premium) 3 Years (Annual Premium) Single Premium Single Premium Single Premium Guaranteed Maturity Yield: 2.02% p.a. 3.62% p.a. 2.10% …

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Insurance Mummy

Best Personal Accident Plan for Family 2017

When i was trying to do some planing for myself and my family, I could not find a good review on available personal accident plans in the market. Hence i came up with my own comparison and I thought I would share mine with everyone. This comparison is solely my own criteria done up at …

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