I am a Mother of Two, Wife and a Full-Time employee. Time is precious and life is hectic. I am at the stage in life where my life is my kids. Other than going to work, I spend most or in fact all of my time with my kids. They are 1 and 3 years young today. Matter of fact, they have no real friends other then their parents.

I created this site to share my experiences and opinion of things and places. I am a thrifty person, so basically you won’t find luxury or sky rocketing stuff here. I can be quite crazy over buying used electronic gadgets and I like to share and write reviews of these used devices so you don’t have to buy the wrong item.

Here are some of the devices that I own (or previously owned):

DeviceLaunch / Release DateEstimate original costYear of my purchasedPrice I Paid ForPercentage of original cost
iPad 6th generation 128GB Cellular + Wifi2018$7992020$30038% (3 years old)
IPad Pro 12.9inch 2nd generation 256GB Wifi + Apple Pencil 1st gen2017$1,4192021$45032% (5 years old)
Surface Pro 1 i5 3rd gen 4GB RAM 128GB SSD2012$1,4992021$17011% (10 years old)
Surface Pro 5 i5 7th gen 8GB RAM 256GB SSD2017$1,8992021$30015% (5 years old)
Lenovo S540 i5 8th gen2018$1,3992020$60042% (2 years old)
Macbook Pro 20112011$1,1992022$504% (11 years old)
Fujifilm X-E32017$1,1992018$90075% (1 year old)

The purpose of breakdown of the costing in the table above is to illustrate how much electronic devices depreciate in value. Despite the age of the device may seem ridiculous old, you may be in for a surprise how usable they still are today. A 10 year old machine that was considered a professional device(eg. i5 or i7 processor, etc) back during its heyday may still be faster than a new but low-end(eg. Atom or Celeron, etc) model today. I am referring to the Surface Pro 1 (10 years old) or MacBook Pro 2011 (11 years old) now and it still can meet my daily needs without issues. The battery life can still serve a good 2-3 hours. I can still use it to attend virtual class and complete online exam, my kids uses it to watch youtube, etc. Regular housekeeping such as deleting unwanted files and document is a key to keep your device running fast and smooth.