MPow Mbits S

This is not a professional review and i am not a professional nor specialist in this area. This is based on real life usage and my personal opinion. You are free to disagree. So read this with a pinch of salt.


The reason why i purchased this wireless earbuds is because it is IPx8 rating, which means it is submerged into water up to 1metre for long period of time. This also means i can definitely wear these earbuds to shower! Why do i need to wear these earbuds to shower you might asked, the reason is i am always attending online/virtual classes and i find it a waste of time if i can’t simultaneously be doing other stuff. Yes, i can just blast the volume from my phone and walk around but i can’t shower. Matter of fact, i tried to blast the volume of the class when i was in the bathroom, however, the water pouring from the shower head is apparently so strong that i cannot hear a thing from the phone. With Mpow MBits S, it finally solved my problem.

Sound Quality

To be honest, the sound is really not fantastic. In fact, if you are looking to buy these for music purpose, it’s a little muffled. No technical jargon over the high, mids, or bass, sorry! Hence, I won’t recommend the earbuds for music purpose. But since my main reason for this purchase is for online class, as long the tutor’s speech comes through loud and clear, it meet my needs.

Mic / Call Quantity

Call quantity on the earbuds are quite decent. My voice pass through clear and loud however, my background noise can also be heard through easily. Indoor usage is more than sufficient but for outdoor usage, you may want to speak up louder for the other party to hear you well. For my informal virtual class usage, i can live with it as long the tutor understood my question.

Sleep Posture

The design of the earbuds are not good for side sleeping. I had to sleep on my back everytime. When i adjust to side sleep, the earbuds gets in the way when i turn my head and i had to lift my head to re-adjust my head to press down from side profile. Due to the protruding earbuds, when laying on the side, the earbuds presses into my ear making it pretty uncomfortable.

Noise Isolation

Given that this is an in-ear stem style earbuds, such design already helps to block out a lot of surrounding noise. These earbuds do not have transparency mode hence, i always had to remove my earbuds when i need to hear my surrounding like my kids calling me or crossing the road, etc.

Connectivity and Controls

Connectivity is good and constant. During my 1 month of heavy usage, i had never experience any drop or disconnect unintentionally.

Control is apparently not satisfactory. The touch control is not sensitive which can be a bit annoying. In my short usage of about 1 month, the earbuds did power off twice suddenly.

One annoying bit is the position off the earbuds when being kept in the case. The right earbuds is to be placed on the left side of the case and the left earbuds is to be placed on the right side of the case. This is oddly strange but after a few rounds of mistake, I finally got it.

One thing I like about this earbuds is that earbuds speaks out when it turns on, off, connecting or connected. This is a very welcome feature to me. I have many earbuds that play a short rhythm which I always wonder what it means if it didn’t start to behave as expected.


For only SGD$18.50 (USD$13.21), it is IPx8 earbuds with decent call quantity, i really can’t complain much. As mentioned in the beginning of the review the reason why i bought these earbuds is because it is one of the cheapest IPx7 or IPx8 wireless earbuds with decent call quantity as in case i need to raise question for my virtual classes. As part of my consideration during my purchase were the Earfun Free Mini and Fiil T1 Lite, they both are IPx7(1 rating lower but it can be used in shower too) and are more expensive than the mpow mbits s. I don’t own them so I can’t comment much but based on other reviewers, the Fiil T1 Lite would be mostly be equipped with better sound quality but the call quality seems to be lacking. As for Earfun Free Mini, their call quality should be almost the same as mpow but they cost alot more expensive in my country at SGD$59, which kind of exceeds my budget. If one day these Earfun Free Mini goes on sale, I will consider picking one up.

Hence, this is not a earbuds for everyone but i am happy and satisfied with my purchase. As long you understand what you are buying it for, these earbuds does its job.