How to save on gadgets?

Buy used(2nd hand) items

A used item is typically drops 10-30% of its price/value compared to buying it new off the shelves and the value continue to drop further as time passes. I recently bought a 2 years old used laptop $600 and I love it, it’s fast and it’s sold at 50% of the price ($1,199). Moreover it came with a remaining of 1 year (out of 3 years) of warranty. However, my sister cannot accept a used laptop. I think it’s some kind of cleanliness obsession or disorder ( this may be too strong a word), but well~ I don’t do major cleaning on the gadgets, probably just take a wet wipes and wipe it clean. Of cuz you can’t expect the item to be new, there will be scratches and some bumps here and there. But generally, do ensure that the working condition is still working 100%.

Buy reputable brand

A reputable brand holds a high resale value and is less likely to break down. In a long run, it save you money as it is unlikely to be forking out money for repairs and you potentially can resell the item when you don’t need it.

Buy the model that suits your needs not mere chasing for the latest one

The latest technology is always good but if it comes with a hefty price tag, then this is something to re-consider. I am extremely satisfied with my used IPad 6 purchase a couple of months ago (at the point of writing, the latest iPad is 8th gen). It meets my needs of having the ability to use Apple Pencil for me to do presentation and it runs majority of the apps without much lags. It also allows me to edit this web site on the go. On top of that, my kids are enjoy watching Netflix on it. Of cuz buying the latest iPad 8 is always good, but having to fork out almost a grand compared to USD$200, I choose to save that bit to fund other stuff.

Buy 1-2 release earlier

This related to the earlier tip where you shod buy one that meet your needs. Typically the upgrades between one or two releases aren’t that drastic, hence, consider buying the earlier release and it can really save a you a lot. eBay, Carousell are one of my favourite apps of all time sourcing for good buys.

Be patient for new release

For products that has a predictable release circle (for instance Apple products), be patient and wait for the new version before jumping into the purchase. Typically after a new release is announced, the earlier release will dropped significantly. This bit of patient can help you to save a bit.

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