Is York Hotel kids friendly?

Kids friendly – 4/5 stars

Counter staff offered baby cot and i gladly accepted. There is a 30cm-depth pool for kids who doesnt know how to swim but they should always be accompanied by parents as there is sudden drop to a 1.2m deep pool without barrier. There are no nearby playground. There is a fridge to store your baby food or milk. There are plenty of exciting mall or places nearby to bring the kids to.

There are also 2 robots in the hotel which can bring laughter to the kids. How to activate the robots? Call for housekeeping to get water, towels, etc.

Also, there are buttons at the side of the bed to elevate the bed as well as to bring it down. Helps kids to kill time. 

Price – 5/5 stars

I managed to book the room at $100+ over a weekend period. I would say the price is a steal for that the hotel located at the heart of Orchard.

Space – 3/5 stars

The room i booked is a queen bed. The bed is placed in the middle of the room which makes the room looks small. If they would have push the bed against the wall, the room would have look much more spacious. 

I like the toilet because it is also a full height window to the view of Orchard. But the toilet is so small until the sink is in the room. 

Clean – 5/5 stars

The room is clean. I like that the floor is not carpetted. Im not a carpet person as I believe it is very dirty with millions of bacteria or germs hidden in it. If you have a kid who have problem with asthma or related problems, you probably would like this hotel. 

Facility – 3/5 star

There is only 1 gym and 1 swimming pool.

Location – 4/5 stars

The location of yotel is awesome. It is located at the heart of Orchard. I did not give it a 5 stars is because there is a bit of walk from Orchard MRT. You won’t need to worry about food at any time of the day because once you exit the hotel you are in the world of cafe, eatries and exciting malls. There is even shake shack just across the road.

Parking – 1/5 star

The parking is unfortunately not free.

Summary 4/5 stars

This hotel is modern and slightly futuristic design. It is clean and comfortable. I gave this hotel a high score of 4 out of 5 stars because it is very worthwhile for couples, singles and even family with children.

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