Is Hotel G kids friendly?

Kids friendly – 1/5 star

There are no baby cot provided. There are no swimming pool. There are no nearby playground. There is no fridge to store your baby food or milk. There are no exciting mall or places nearby to bring the kids to.

There is a tiny little space around the queen size bed that children like to crawl and squeeze into, making them prone to fall. In addition, the bed is so high which is dangerous for kids who might accidentally fall off the bed. 

The room decorated with a dream catcher light which looks beautiful and it could entertain my kid for a good 10mins.

The only comforting thing is there are 2 cartoon channels on tv that could keep my little one entertained. 

Price – 4/5 stars

I managed to book the room at $100 during off-peak period. The price is very reasonable for the age of the hotel location at Bugis.

Space – 3/5 stars

The room i booked is a queen bed. The room is a bit smaller than what the picture portrait.

The toliet is so small until the sink is actually located outside of the toilet.

Clean – 5/5 stars

The room is clean. I like that the floor is not carpetted. Im not a carpet person as I believe it is very dirty with millions of bacteria or germs hidden in it. If you have a kid who have problem with asthma or related problems, you probably would like this hotel.

Facility – 1/5 star

There is only 1 gym which unfortunately is closed due to Phase 2 covid 19. There are no swimming pool.

Location – 3/5 stars

The location is not near particular near any MRT station but its walkable. There are no exciting eatries around other than the restaurant available in the hotel.

Parking – 1/5 star

The parking is unfortunately not free.

Summary 2/5 stars

This hotel is nice aesthetically, richly industrial or scandinavian design. It is clean and comfortable. It is very worthwhile for couples or singles, but not so much for family with children.

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