Is Holiday Inn Express Katong Hotel kids friendly?

Kids friendly – 2/5 stars

There are really nothing much in the hotel to keep the kids entertained. I spent the time bringing my kids to I12 and depending on what is available at the mall to keep them entertained.

Price – 3/5 stars

I managed to book the room at $120+. 

Space – 3/5 stars

The room i booked is a queen bed. The space is as good as in the pictures advertised. 

Clean – 4/5 stars

The room is clean but the room floor is carpetted which is something i dont like. I believe these carpets are very dirty and filled with millions of bacterias or germs hidden in it.

Facility – 1/5 star

There is only 1 gym.

Location – 3/5 stars

The location is not fantastic but it is located in the heart of East Coast and it will not be difficult to find food and cafe nearby. It is not near any MRT but it is near I12 shopping mall.

Summary 2/5 stars

This hotel is nice aesthetically. It is clean and comfortable. It is very worthwhile for couples or singles, but not so much for family with children.

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