Is Furama Riverfront Hotel kids friendly?

Kids friendly – 5/5 stars

It blessed to find a indoor playground at level 1 near the receiption. Parents can drop their kids at the playground and sit nearby and chillax. Its really heavenly when parents dont need to leave the hotel and the kids can have such great fun. In addition, the lobby area is huge that they could even section out a funfare event during Christmas season that really bring entertainment to the kids. There are adult pool and kids pool accompanied by a giant unicorn float and donut float. There is a fridge to store your baby food or milk. However, there are no exciting mall or places nearby to bring the kids to.

Price – 4/5 stars

I managed to book the room at $140+ for a weekend. The price is very reasonable for a room that can accommodate 4pax.

Space – 4/5 stars

The room i booked is a 2x queen bed. It is a spacious room. Kids can move around in the room alot more compared to those new hotel rooms. 

Clean – 3/5 stars

I give a 3 star because the room feels old. The funiture looks old and the toilet looks old. I am not saying the cleanliness is dirty.

The room floor is carpetted which is something i dont like. I believe these carpets are very dirty and filled with millions of bacterias or germs hidden in it. 

Facility – 4/5 star

There is 1 gym, 1 adult and 1 kids swimming pool and an indoor playground. 

Location – 2/5 stars

The location is not fantastic. There are no exciting malls nearby nor near any MRT. 

Summary 4/5 stars

This hotel receiption area has been renovated, so it looks very presentable. However, the rooms and toilet looks and feel old. If you can accept that the room is old then it is great for family.

I gave it a high score of 4 out of 5 stars as the hotel has many facilities that could offload me from entertaining my kids almost the entire day.

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