Is D Hotel kids friendly?

Kids friendly – 1/5 stars

There are really nothing much in the hotel to keep the kids entertained. There an low height table is fit my little girl. So she can self feed and drink the food and water that i place there. There are no cartoon channels available on tv, which i minimal expect from any hotel. It was quite a disappointment. 

Price – 3/5 stars

I managed to book a King-bed size room at $100+.

Space – 3/5 stars

The room i booked is a king bed. It is more spacious compared than the pictures advertised.

Clean – 3/5 stars

There were coffee stants on the toilet door room is clean but the room floor is carpetted which is something i dont like. I believe these carpets are very dirty and filled with millions of bacterias or germs hidden in it.

Facility – 1/5 star

No swimming pool. No playground. 

Location – 1/5 stars

The location is quite bad. There are no shopping mall nearby nor any MRT nearby. Outram mrt is almost a 15mins walk away with no shelter. Checking out at noon time and walking to Outram can be a horror. However, there are perhaps a few cafes across the road and that’s about it. 

Summary 2/5 stars

The hotel is spacious enough for the little one to run a little and thats about it. It was stated free parking but i think there are only 6 lots for the entire hotel, so drive at your own risk.

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