4 Free Webhosting Reviews

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I have been on a free host for the longest time before I finally decided to pull the trigger and moved to a paid web hosting last year. Having experienced so many different free hosting provider, I have decided to write this real life review of the web hosts that I have tried so as to give you a better idea which free host to start off with.


Cost-Free Hosting ($0.00): No Setup Fee, No Monthly Fee
Ads Free Hosting: Ads Free, Banner Free, Link Free
No File Size Limit Free Hosting
Free Web Hosting Storage: Free Space
Free Data Transfer: Free Bandwidth
Free Domain Hosting: Free Hosting with New Domain Registration
Free cPanel: Multilingual Control Panel
Free Web Tools and Application Hosting
Free Image, Photos Album, Music Files and Video Hosting
Free E-Mail and WebMail Hosting with IMAP, POP3 and SMTP
Fully Functional Hosting Accounts
FTP, CGI, PHP5, MySQL, PYTHON, ROR, CRON and File Manager
Free Blog, CMS, Gallery, Forums, Social and Wiki Hosting

Pro – They provide CPanel (plus point), with vast free features such as no limitation image upload size, no limitation in emails and database, and ability to use cron jobs! They also provide many 3rd-party libraries such as WordPress, Joomla, etc.

Con – Their web server is very slow, it is one of the slowest that I have experienced. During my first week of the use, it wasn’t pleasant at all. First day, the server was down half way after I was signed up, I couldn’t proceed to login to the Control Panel. I waited a few days later before trying again. After I managed to setup WordPress and install the plugin and themes that I wanted, I began to post – Yeah! BUT on the same day that night, the database was down and hence, the entire site was down *again*. The next day, it was back alive, I continue to update my site, halfway, the web service becomes unavailable due to server maintenance and I was again stuck in a limbo. It was very frustrating and slow to have your site hosted here.

Another issue is that they do not provide HTTPS SSL, if you site has any payments or transactions, you may need to find another web host.


1000 MB Disk Space
10000 MB Bandwidth
2 MySQL Databases
5 Email Forwarders
2 Websites
Free domain name hosting
Free Cpanel web hosting admin panel
Easy to use Free Website Builder
Auto Installer (WordPress, Joomla…)
Full PHP & MySQL database support

Pro – There was nothing I like about this host!

Con – After I signup with 000webhost, I was greeted by their internal Admin Panel which I disliked. There are no proper control panel to do configuration, there were just a few buttons to managed database, managed email, create cron and backups. Generally, very limited features to configure. Installation of 3rd party libraries is also limited to WordPress. You can’t change the subdomain after you have created, and you have a limit of 2 websites. If you have chosen the wrong subdomain, you basically used up 1 website. All the mentioned restriction and limitation were encountered once you sign up with them. I was so turned off and I closed the account without proceeding to setup my website.


Activation Fee $0.00
Monthly Price $0.00
Promo Price (12 months) $0.00
Regular Price (12 months) $0.00
Disk Space 1 GB
Monthly Traffic 5 GB
Network Uptime 99.9% or less
Domain Privacy Protection $10.00

Pro – I started out with Awardspace many many years ago, it was one of the first free webhosting with no forced ad. During my time (years) with them, I have never experienced a time when I couldn’t login to the server to make an update. The fact that they stated that their network uptime is 99.9% or less gives consumer a peace of mind that their site is alive most of the time.

Con – The web speed is generally tack slow but still acceptable. The issue with Awardspace was that I was not able to create a form and allow users to contact me, neither can I write a code to auto send emails out to customers, which is fairly restrictive. Lastly, their cap image size is 2MB which makes it really cumbersome for the need for image downsizing every time you make a post.


Unlimited Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
Instant Activation
No Forced Ads
Super Fast Servers
High Availability
MySQL Databases
Website Control Panel
Virus Scanner
Spam Filter
Website Statistics
One Click Install Applications

Pro – They provide CPanel (plus point)! Decent speed encountered. SSL (https) is provided but you need to set it up yourself. This is by far the best web hosting I have encountered. One of my site is still hosted here. I would highly recommend this web hosting at the current moment if anyone is looking for a free host.

Con – Any created cron jobs must complete in 5 seconds or the job will be removed. I dont think it’s quite fair to restrict to 5 seconds, well, it depends on how fast the web server is. However, for any basic website, typically there are no need for cron jobs. Hence, this is a minor issue.

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