What to do with your old 1GB – 8GB usb or sd cards?

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I had a lot of old small 1GB – 8GB USB drive and SD cards lying around my house. I was clueless what to do with them. I wanted to sell them off carousell, but nobody seems to be interested to buy from me. For the longest time, there were left there untouched until recently my laptop failed on me. I couldn’t boot up my Win 10 Asus Zenbook. I had files in the laptop that I needed and I couldn’t format and reinstall the OS. This is the time then i realized how important those SD cards were.

This is then I sought help to help to create a Linux bootable using the SD Cards. With the bootable SD Cards/USB, i was able to boot up the laptop into Linux OS live without installation after changing the boot sequence in the BIOS. With this, I was able to retrieve my files and upload to my Google Drive. Having the files transferred out, I was then able to format the laptop and either to reinstall Windows 10 or to install a fresh copy of Linux OS, Android OS or Chrome OS.

Having a Linux bootable live USB/SD Card can be your saviour. Not only u can boot up and revive all your important files, you can even continue to surf net on a temporary environment which will be gone once u shut down.

As of time of writing, here are some of my own successfully creation of the bootable USB and booted live (except win 10 which requires installation).

1GB USB – Phoenix OS 2.5.3 (64 bits) – Android 7.1 OS

2GB USB – Elementary OS Loki 0.4.1 (64 bits) – Linux OS

4GB USB – Ubuntu Desktop 16.04.3 LTS (64 bits) – Linux OS

4GB USB – Win 10 – Windows OS (for installation with valid Product Key)

8GB USB – Chromium OS (64 bits) – Chrome OS

Keep these USB in a safe place because you will never know when they will come in handy. 🙂

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