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7 Things You Can Do For Yourself Before Year Ends

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Before spending money to buy gifts for Xmas exchange with your colleagues and friends, here are top 7 things you can do for yourself.


1. Redeem your Rewards Points

Login to all your Telco, Credit Card, NTUC Linkpoints, Grab, Capitaland, Watson, Isetan, etc, accounts to redeem the points that you have accumulated over the year! Majority of such rewards points usually expire in January the following year. Make it a habit to keep track of them. They may not be big items you can redeem, but at least you have save a $10 – $20 per account or even catch a free movie.

2. Review all your Insurance policies

Insurer always provide year end promotions if you sign up during year end. Take this opportunity to review all your insurance to see if you need to add on any coverage or new endowments/retirement plans.

3. Review all Bank Savings/FD rates and Credit Cards

Review all the Bank’s Savings and FD rates to see if it’s time to transfer your cash to another bank for better interest rate. Source for better Credit Cards that give better cashback.

Do a google search for the “Best Bank Saving Rates” and “Best Credit Card”. You will bound to get good results, otherwise hop over to Hardwarezone Forum to do some reading on the topic “Money Mind“.

4. Review all your outstanding loans

Contact bankers from various banks to check for better refinance interest rates for your mortgage loan.

5. Sell away your unwanted stuff

Pack your house and sell away your unwanted items on Carousell in preparation for Chinese New Year celebration too! 🙂

6. Upgrade yourself with Education Courses

Check out new courses with NTUC LearningHub, New Horizon, NUS ISS, etc available to upgrade yourself.

7. Reflection and Give Thanks to your loved ones.

Take a chance to do a reflection to see what are some of the good stuff you have done for the year and continue the habits. Take the opportunity to show appreciation to your loved ones.

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