Aviva MINDEF/SAF Group Insurance good or bad?

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Im not an insurance agent. Hence, below are just my personal opinion of this plan. When i first saw, i thought it was damn good cuz it seems bloody cheap. Im not a NS men, Im a spouse of an NS men. Hence, see my view from a spouse angle. After analyzing the details and comparison with other insurances, i shall listed out the good and the bad about this insurance.

What is Group Insurance?

After I have did some research, I found out that in Group Insurance means you don’t own the policy. Hence, you cannot make any nomination and decide how the money should be distributed. In another words, should something happens to you, the money payout will be distributed according to the Interstate Succession Act.

Also, the premium are not guaranteed, Aviva has the rights to change anytime along the way.

In the event of claims arising from any number of Insured Persons as result of Acts of Terrorism, the maximum liability is subject to the sub-limit of 0.75% of the Aggregate Sum Insured per policy year. In the event of War resulting in claims from any number of Insured Persons, the maximum liability is subject to the sub-limit 0.75% of the Aggregate Sum Insured per policy year. This means if you have a coverage amount of $1m, you will only get $75,000 in the case of the scenarios.

Having know of this, let’s move on to the insurance details.

Group Term Life

This basically covers Death, Total and Permanent Disability Benefit, Advance Payment Benefit (up to S$400,000) and Daily Hospital Cash Benefit S$30 daily for 11th–30th day of hospital stay.

If you do not already have a whole life plan, having this term insurance may be beneficial. It is not expensive at $49 per year for $100k until age 65. Do note that the premium will jump substantially from age 65 onwards.  In my point of view, a term policy is not supposed to be purchased until old age. If you want to cover until old age, you should get a whole life instead. A term policy covers you for a limited time when you have dependents and your work income is crucial for your dependent’s survival.


In my personal view: I prefers a limited pay Whole Life because at the end of the day, I want to be covered for death eventually. I do not wish to pay for something that will go down the drain if nothing happens during the limited period of coverage. No doubt, a Whole Life Plan cost much more compared to a Term Plan, some argued that with the premium saved with a Term Plan compared to a Whole Life, one can invest to get a return of more than what a Whole Life sum assured and the cash value can provide at the end of the day. If you are diligent and disciplined with your investment, why not? I personally do not have the time and effort to do any monitoring of my own investment or disciplined to keep the cash in my bank untouched, hence, a whole life is best suited for a lazy person like me.

However, I wish to highlight that ending the term policy after age 65 is also not a wise move because that is when you need the coverage the most.

Group Personal Accident

The personal accident plan is ridiculous cheap at $12 per year for coverage amount of $100k. However, it is extremely difficult to meet the criteria of a claim. The coverage requires one to be almost TPD by accident to make a claim. If you refer to the policy details, you need to lose your sight, your limbs, your speech or at least a 2nd degree burn by accident before the policy let you claim. If you are a driver, or your working environment exposed you to risk, you should consider getting this plan.

On the other side of the fence, if your job does not exposed you to such risk, you should consider looking at other accident plan with other insurer, they cover GP bills due to Zika, Dengue Fever, HFMD, etc. As the results, you need to pay a premium of x 10 – 20 more at around $100 – $200 per year. It all depends on what you want.


In my personal view: $12 per year is really cheap to for this basic coverage. I do not have a strong urge to buy this. I prefers to pay for something for more coverage. Yes, $100 per year is much more compared to $12, but having the though of getting injured from sports and ability to claim at TCM give me a assurance that the policy is of a certain usefulness. Typically, a TCM visit would already cost me $80. Hence, $100 per year is still quite reasonable in my point of view.

Rider – Living Care

This is a Critical Illness Rider, hence, it means that you need to purchase one of the base plan above (Term Life or Personal Accident) before you can add this as a rider. Depending on your age, the premium increases, however, i personally feel this is still very worth while because it covers 37 common critical illness which is relatively the same as other insurers and it would cost more with other insurers for the same coverage.


In my personal view:  I recommend anyone to add this rider if you are interest to buy either the term life or personal accident as the base plan. The coverage is as good as other insurer at a low cost.

Rider – Living Care Plus

This is a Early Critical Illness Rider which sounds beneficial to be able to claim at early stage of a critical illness, however, this rider only covers barely 10 Critical Illness compared to other insurer that covers up to 30-50 Critical Illness in early stage. In my personal opinion if you are serious about getting an early critical illness coverage, go for something decent coverage unless cost is an important factor at the moment. Of cause, the premium would also cost more.


In my personal view:  I would not recommend anyone to add this rider because this rider only covers 10 critical illness instead of 30-50 critical illness offered by other insurer. Unless cost is a big factor for you now and rather not to have any coverage at all, this would be a base for you.

Rider – Disability Income

This plan provides you an continuous income to up to age 70 in an event if you become disabled at 50% of your monthly basic salary (yearly capped at $120k). The premium increases along with your age. If your job exposed you to high risk, the premium is still considered cheap at $59.16 per year for $10k sum assured for age band 31-35.


In my personal view: If your job exposed you to high risk of disability, this is strong recommended. For my case, my job is a desk bound job, I decided to skip this.

Rider – Outpatient Medicare

Apologies to be noob-ness, I always thought this can only be purchased by company where this claims medical bills. It cost $260 for a yearly limit of $500 or $376 for a yearly limit of $1000. In Singapore, per GP visit usually cost around $30-$60, if you visit the GP more than 6 times per year, you would most like breakeven. Any visit thereafter would be free from this rider. However, this would only be useful if your job doesn’t cover you any medical claims.


In my personal view:  As mentioned above, if your office does not offer you any medical claims (which is very unlikely), then this would be strong recommended. For my case, my job covers 80% of my medical bills for GP, hence, this does not appeal to me.


Generally, this whole plan is on the cheap side. I wouldn’t say this is bad, just not quite suited for me. Just know what you are buying and what is being covered and its purposed. If you are working in a highly risky environment, this would be strongly recommended. Since there are an increased in Grab drivers on the road these days, (i am not sure what medical claims or insurance Grab provides), but since your job exposed you to high risk of accidents and disability, do consider the personal accident along with living care, disability income and outpatient medicare riders.

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