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Is NTUC membership worth it?

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$117 per year membership for extra 4% cash rebates.

4% cash rebates is quite substantial. However, the catch is for this rebate is to pay a membership of $117 per year. To earn back your membership fee per year, you need to spend at least $2,950 at least per year ($245.83 per month) to earn a cash rebate of $118 to cover your membership fee. Spending above $2,950, capped at $6,000 would then be considered savings for you.

Assuming you are hit the spending capped of $6,000 per year to earn the rebates, you essentially saved $123 (after deducting the $117 membership). That would end up as a 2.05% cash rebate. If you are not spending at least $6,000 per year, your cash rebates is essentially lower than 2.05%.

20 NTUC Fairprice stock at $1 with $3 admin charges. 

If you google on what are the perks of being a NTUC member, you will most likely get to a page where there are people jumping over the 5% dividends that NTUC fairprice issue on a per year basis where only NTUC member are privileged to have a chance to purchase it at a max of 20 stocks. Because of this restriction of max 20 stock per person, it makes the return looks really pathetic at estimated $1.20 per year. In addition to this, you are required to pay one-time $3 admin charges. This means that it takes you 3 years before you breakeven before earning estimated $9 after 10 years.


Linkpoints is one of the main perks that I would truely agree. However, you do not need to be a paid NTUC membership to earn Linkpoints. Essentially, you can just sign up with OCBC for a NTUC Plus! Credit Card and you can earn Linkpoints as well. It is absolutely free!

$250 UTAP claim per year

This is the only reason I would stand for and it was also the original reason why I signed up for NTUC membership, to claim for one of the course I have attended. Little did i know, I had to pay about 46% of the price ($117 membership fee) to only obtain the membership to be qualified for the claim.

However, do note that you can only claim up of 50% of the course fee, hence, to fully utilize the $250, your accumulated course fee had to be above $500.

NTUC Gift Insurance

This is a free coverage if you are a NTUC member:

for members less than 10 years of continuous membership: $6,000 death/TPD benefit due to natural causes or $20,000 death/TPD benefit due to accident outside working hours and $10,000 PPD benefit.

for members more than 10 years of continuous membership: $7,500 death/TPD benefit due to natural causes or $40,000 death/TPD benefit due to accident outside working hours and $20,000 PPD benefit.

One of the key advantage of this insurance is that if you are above the age of 65, the additional yearly premium is only $1-$3 depending on your age. This premium is currently being waived, but i would considered it relatively cheap even if they have decided to remove the waiver.

Despite the coverage is on the lower side of $6,000, this is something good to have but little will know and claim.

Other perks

No doubt, there are alot of other perks such as discounts at Sentosa, Shopping and Retails, etc. But i am seriously not very much enticed to the a stay at downtown resort chalets nor anything listed in their discounts page.


If you are a frequent shopper of NTUC, this membership may not be bad. However, if you are not, monitoring your spending and savings is too much of an effort. It is your decision to deem it is worthy or not depending on your spending and lifestyle. Do comment below if you have other views. Thanks!

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