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Short-Term High-Guaranteed Endowment Plan 2017

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Etiqa save series China Life SaveReward 101 Series II (RMB) LIC Money More Plan LIC Money More Plan FWD Endowment Plan
Duration: 6 years 5 years 6 years 3 years 3 years
Premium Paying: 2 Years (Annual Premium) 3 Years (Annual Premium) Single Premium Single Premium Single Premium
Guaranteed Maturity Yield: 2.02% p.a. 3.62% p.a. 2.10% p.a. 1.15% p.a. 2.02% p.a.

The above table shows the guaranteed maturity yield for endowment plans that are short terms (6 years and below). I just want to bring your attention to China Life Save Reward 101 Series II (RMB) that the endowment plan is stored in China RMB currency. Despite the high guaranteed maturity yield, you are being exposed to the risk of the RMB currency weaken against SGD currency. As the results, your returns may not be as projected at 3.62%. However, if RMB currency raises against SGD currency, your gains will be more than 3.62%. Also be cautions on the unfavorable currency exchange rate you may need to convert if your funds are in SGD.

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